Brett & Samantha {wedding}

This time 2 years ago I was prepping for my very first Bridal Show.  While prepping myself mentally I told myself, just be you, your work will speak for itself.  I love meeting new people, but its intimidating, especially when competition is literally looking you in the eye from across the aisle.  I met many new Brides at this event, but when I met Samantha and her mom, I was hoping for a callback, straight up high school giddy status! We just hit it off, talked for a good while and felt so natural.  Well.. I got that email and I was [not so secretly] so excited!! So the follow up happened, I met the groom, and we started the countdown.  

Months went by then summer 2016 came, and what seemed like the hottest day of the year, was their wedding day! But like their Engagement pictures, they were troopers and stuck with me through the heat to get those oh so beautiful outdoor barn shots.  I used to be a traditional person who was all for the not seeing the groom before the ceremony, then I got into photography and learned the pros about actually seeing each other before in regards to time, lighting and nerves for both bride and groom.  Over the years I have come to an even playing field of which I prefer.  Brett & Sami chose not to see each other, but that didn't stop us from getting some fun "before the ceremony" shots.  When the heat started to wear off and the dance floor got busy, the night neared the end and we sent off the newlyweds with glow sticks.  

We just recently closed the loop of all things wedding, their albums were delivered and that chapter ended but, I have gained some dear friends so there will be many more chapters to write.  And I will never be able to sing Iggy's "I-G-G-Y" song without signing the letters ever again.  The bride and I shared some life's bookmarks together.. for one, we both became Aunties, just days apart.  We are now waiting to plan some auntie and me dates!  Brett understands my love for organization, you should have seen the excel spreadsheet I got with their album choices.  It should really win some kind of award!  I love my "job" if you want to call it that, where strangers connect at one coincidental event and it just snowballs into many others.  I am so looking forward to the many other life events we will soon share together... photographing babies maybe next?!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Caswell!