KYLE & AMANDA {engagement}

It's a bit surreal to be posting engagement pictures of my little brother!! I can still see him, 2 yrs old, walking around the house in nothing but his undies and cowboy boots... And for those of you who know my brother won't be surprised when I say I probably remember this because he still does this!! I am so proud of the man he has grown up to be, and even more proud that he found a gorgeous, creative, sweet, loving bride, and soon to be sister in law for me!! Amanda has been like a sister to me for a while now. This July they will celebrate their 7 year anniversary!! So it was completely expected when my brother came home one day last December telling us his proposal plans for Christmas Eve!! It's been a great engagement so far, it's been smooth sailing and lots of craft night... Amanda is the most creative person I know, so it's only natural for her to be making every piece of her wedding... from the flowers to the invitations, all hand made!! I cannot wait till their wedding to see everything all put together and to celebrate their love and this next chapter in their lives!! So be on the lookout for those pictures... not only am I a bridesmaid, but the photographer as well!! Congratulations Kyle & Amanda!! Love You Both!!