BROOKS {looking back}

While cleaning out my hard drive a few weeks ago, I came across some of my old work done at Brooks Institute.  Some of the stuff I just laughed and thought, man I was lazy!! But then there were a few Gem's that stuck out to me, not because I want to praise myself, but I wanted to share some of the images I found because they were ones that I truly had FUN on while shooting, and I think it's where I learned a lot about myself as a photographer. 

When I first set out to be a photographer, I had it set in my head that I wanted to do Sports Photography!! I wanted to be the one traveling about with those giant cameras and catch the once in a lifetime moments in sports.  I think I got this from pretty much growing up at the Oakland A's Stadium! Memories just flood my mind thinking about Sundays spent there after church, BBQ in the parking lot, then watching the game in my grandmas season ticketed seats, right behind home plate.. we were spoiled, I know!! But it is truly a memory I will cherish forever! Now a Giants fan, the A's will always have a special place in my heart!! (Anyways.... Sidetracked much?? I wanted to do Sports Photography.. I thought I knew it all then!!)After some realization that I loved the game, yes, but that I loved the fellowship part of it WAY more, shocking right!! ;) But I realized that, Sports photography just wasn't for me.  So I dabbled in some Fashion, some Stock and then winded up in People.  I had worked with a local bay area wedding photographer, Deanna Graham, for a few years before I had left for school, I did most of her office work, put together albums and just a lot of the back end stuff.  I never thought I wanted to do Wedding Photography. I thought to myself, this is just too much work!! 3 years later, I kinda wanted a break from school, missed home so I decided to do a full blown internship with Deanna.  I still had to turn in weekly work for school as well as work for Deanna.  During this internship period I photographed my first wedding, and I FELL IN LOVE!!! I loved everything about it!! I have always been that girl who dreams and is still dreaming of my wedding day, I just love weddings.. so for me to realize this LOVE for photographing weddings this late in the game was shocking to me.. but not to everyone else!! My family is so supportive that when I told them I knew what I wanted to do, I knew it was weddings.. They all looked at me like, FINALLY!! They would have supported me in any field I chose, but they wanted me to figure that out! And I am so thankful for that! Lots of hard work, but I found what I love!! So I am thankful for these pictures that I'm about to show you.. These grew me, stretched me and truly developed the photographer I am today!! Thank you to all the people who were on this journey with me!!