HELLO! NICE TO MEET YOU {confessions}

Hello Blog World!!! 

Okay I know I have tried this once or twice, but THIS TIME.. I vow to you to give it my best efforts.  With this absolutely stunning new website of mine, with the amazing help of a wonderful friend, I am going to try and blog at minimum once a month! So.. I ask you this.. what are things you enjoy to read, how many pictures is too many pictures, what types of topics are your favorites? 

For those of you who are visiting my site for the first time.. Welcome!! I hope you enjoy your time checking everything out! I am a born and raised California girl who couldn't get to Texas fast enough! I have officially been a resident of Texas for 2 years and I LOVE IT!! Yes I miss my beach access and predictable weather, but the quality of living, the people.. the FOOD!! I love it! I was blessed to relocate with a large herd and a company from California.  As I am new to the area, I still require a steady pay check, so I work full time as a Customer Care Rep in Georgetown.  Do not get discouraged, I have plenty of time for my photography and full support of my company for my dreams.  My parents, brother and sister in law also followed me here, and this blog littered with pictures of my nephew who we are expecting to welcome to the world any day now! 

I have always had a passion to be creative and Photography was the first jump I took, and I just dove it.  I love all aspects of it: the people, the emotion and the creativity you get to pull out of yourself, you can never reach a limit of creativity.  I love being apart of your family, I hope you don't mind, but I love that I get to capture ones journey.  From the engaged couple, to the wedding vows to the soccer ball belly, and yearly pictures of your family, I truly hope to get to know you on a personal level rather than a business level.  I have a large family, many more are welcome!