SHANE& MAKENNA {engaged}

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of documenting a sweet couples engagement.  Shane is in the military on one end of the country and Makenna is located on another.  They have been long distance for almost a year! Shane's sister was helping set everything up.. I had never met the couple before so it was like waiting for a blind date.. Who are they? I had only a picture of the couple to go off of, but they were to adorable to miss, not to mention the tall beautiful blonde hair beauty, she was an easy spot.                                                                            

It all took place in a Pecan Grove nestled in the back lots of Georgetown. I was waiting with my monster of a camera in my bag, just reading a book on a beautiful Texas day.  Shane and Makenna showed up and took a little walk through the grove, beautiful setting, then there is me, hoping behind trees hoping not to get spotted! Now, Shane knew I was there, so it wasnt a huge surprise to him seeing a stalker following them.  Moments later he dropped to his knee and asked her the beloved question "Will You Marry Me!" It was adorable! After many hugs and smooches, I was caught! Makenna was so surprised! 

Some of their family was there to celebrate with them with an adorably decorated picnic table and champagne {POP}!! I was able to at this point get to know them a little better, and they are absolutely adorable.  Shane knew Makenna's older sister and saw her in the back of one of her pictures on Facebook.  He has messaged his friend saying "I didn't know you had a younger sister!" And Makenna's response when she was Facebook staling his page, after he friend requested her was "There is no way this guy is real, hes too cute!" lol.  I love the simplicity of their story and the love they share, and the fact they have distance between them in unnoticeable! 

Cheers to the happy couple! Congratulations Shane & Makenna. 

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