Madison Shrull {spring in texas}

Madison is the sister of some dear friends of mine, who I secretly Insta stalk because she is so adorable.  All her pictures exudes confidence, personality and the most fun loving spirit of anyone I've seen.   She has been doing some pretty amazing things with YWAM in the Philippines and came to Texas for a little visit this summer.  The moment I saw her Instagram post stating that she was coming I asked if we could do a photo shoot while she was here, for no good reason than to get to work with her!! 

Since there was no real purpose behind this shoot but for some girl time and fun shots, I let Maddy draft it up, where she wanted it, what the theme was and what to wear.  She had messaged me some pictures prior with tall grass, wild flowers and books! So cute!! Well.. the thing with Texas is that we might have all these amazing open fields, but a lot of them are private property and the tall grass gets trimmed often, so finding a place in such short notice was a challenge.  We had decided to go to a local park instead with great scenery and of course a river flowing through it! As I was leaving work to head to that location, my eyes stumbled upon a lush green grass field with yellow daisies popping up throughout the field.  IN MY OWN BACK YARD! Something I passed by every day!! I immediately called them to meet me where I was.  Thankfully my dad was able to come meet us to do a "snake check"... yes this is also a new thing in TX I have to try and pre-arrange for the safety of us all! And luckily I always keep my boots in the back of my car, so we were good to go! And believe it or not... 2 days after the shoot.. I watched them till the land during my lunch! We got there just in time!

Maddy... you were a BREEZE to work with! You make my job look easy! I absolutely adored our time together and the beauty we were able to make together!! Let's make this a tradition?! 


We also got to take a few fun ones of Madison and her sister in law, my dear friend, Shelby, who of course she looked so cute herself, I just had to throw her into the mix!!  I love it when Sister in laws are not only friends but best friends!! I have also been blessed to call my own sister in law one of my best friends!! Such a blessing!!