Cason & Kelsey {1yr Anniversary}

I was blessed to meet Kelsey through a small group at church.  Do you know any of those types of people that always smile and have that amazing laugh with natural beauty; throw in kindness, caring and absolutely adorable... that's Kelsey.  We got to know each other over the course of a 3 month study in the book of Acts, this is where I heard her husbands story for the first time; the story where he was diagnosed with Cancer 1 month before their wedding.  

In January of 2016, Cason was diagnosed with "Chronic Myeloid Leukemia", a blood and bone marrow cancer, their wedding was February 2016.  A little background of his diagnosis: The average person has 6-10,000 white blood cells, Cason had over 552,000.  This was causing a lack of oxygen and put him at extreme risks of having a serious blood clot.  He was immediately hospitalized and they started treatment.  If they went anywhere he had to wear masks and gloves for a while because his immune system got so weak and he even lost about 50 pounds before their wedding.  Of course, during all of this, Kelsey never left his side and slept on the hospital couch.  Today, since his diagnosis is chronic, he still has to take a chemo pill every day, but he has come so far and is in the second phase of remission!!! This means, he still has some cancer in his bone marrow, but it is decreasing.  Even with cancer still remaining, he is healthier than ever because of the way they dove into wellness and natural living. 

Kelsey wanted to surprise Cason with a {not so} Mini Session since the last time they took pictures at their wedding, he did not look like himself.  This would be a way to celebrate how far they had come together.  I had met Cason once before but it was in a crowd of people, so I couldn't say much besides, this is Kelsey's husband, but after our session together I can tell you he is patient, kind, funny, supportive, loving and best of all photogenic... y'all this is HUGE for a man to be photogenic haha!! Not only did he do everything I instructed, but he even posed the two of them and asked "how was that", "was that the money shot".. absolutely adorable! One of "Cason's Shots" is down below.   

Being able to step into their world and watch the love they share for each other not only made my job an easy one, but it re-affirmed why I love what I do.  That I get to capture that emotion in an image, to keep it bottled up forever.  

Cason & Kelsey {and Millie}, I absolutely LOVED being apart of this celebration with you both!! Looking forward to future sessions together!!