Kayla & Tina {mentor session}

Happy Monday All!! Today I have for sure had a case of the Mondays, how do I wipe that fresh? With a blog post dedicated to my darling little cousin, Kayla! 

Relocating to Texas was an adventure in itself, finding out my family would be following me one by one was the adventure of a lifetime.  Growing up, all my family lived within 20 mins of each other, as life happened, some moved far and some a closer drive, but far enough to make Sunday dinners together quickly lower in headcount.  We always said one day we were all going to live on a compound, never miss a birthday and Sunday dinners would soon become a reality again.  While we are still waiting for a few other family members to get here, the bulk of us are all in Texas... truly a God thing!! 

One of my favorite things about my family being so close again is getting to spend time with my sweet sweet cousin Nekayla.  I never really got to be apart of her life when she was little because she lived states away.  Now, a teenager, I get to spend so much time with her and I am beyond blessed that she actually wants to spend time with me.  When she moved here, she expressed interest in photography and asked me to mentor her.  I was so excited to spend time and share such a special connection with her.  

A few weeks ago she had her first assignment, posing. It was perfect timing with Texas Bluebonnets in bloom.  We went out and I put her I front of the camera first, then gave her the camera with full authority.  She did amazing!! She was getting creative, tried new things, failed at some ideas, but all the while, we laughed both learned a little something and made some great memories. 

Kayla darling, I love you! And I am so proud to be apart of your life and watch you blossom from a teenager to a young women!! Plus.. You are so beautiful and ALWAYS win best smile!!